Major Landforms of North America

Alaska Range:

It is located in Alaska, United States. It extends from the Alaska Peninsula to the border of Yukon Territory in Canada. It contains the highest point (elevation) in North America, Mount McKinley (6.194 m).

Appalachian Mountains:

It extends from Central Alabama (U.S.) all the way to Quebec (Canada). They are gentle and low elevations. Its major landform is Mt. Mitchell, located at North Carolina (U.S.).

Brooks Range:

They are the mountains located at Northern Alaska. Its most important landform is Mt. Isto with 2.760 m high.

Canadian Shield:

This region includes mainly rough and rocky surfaces. It is located in eastern and northern Canada and the Great Lakes of North America. The Canadian Shield has large areas of coniferous forests. Its important landform is Mont D'Iberville (500 m).


It is a mountain range located all the way from California to Oregon and Washington. It has lots of volcanoes filled up with snow. The major landform of this region is Mt. St. Helens.

Coast Range:

It extends along the Pacific Ocean coastlines of California until Kodiak Island. It has glaciers and hills. Its important landform is the San Francisco Bay.

Coastal Plain:

Located at the south and southeastern part of the U.S. The Coastal Plain includes marshes, deltas, swamps... Its major landform is the Mississippi River.

Great Plains:

It extends from east of the Rockies to the edge of the Canadian Shield. The land is smooth and it has large areas without trees. Mount Rushmore is the most important landform of the Great Plains.

Rocky Mountains:

They extend from the Mexican frontier all the way to western U.S. and eastern Alaska. The highest point is Mt. Elbert (4.399 m).

Sierra Nevada:

Located at eastern California. Mt. Whitney is the highest and most important lanform (4.418 m).

Sierra Madres:

Sierra Madres is divided into three ranges which are: Sierra Madre Occidental, Sierra Madre Oriental, and Sierra Madre del Sur.

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